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Terms and Conditions

Live Animal Guarantee
ALL Live animals have to be shipped overnight services, any other options chosen will be refunded and the order cancelled
We guarantee every live animal to arrive 100% healthy and alive, and also give a additional 72 hour health guarantee.  If something should go wrong within that 72hours we bump the guarantee to 14 days.  Live animals CANNOT be shipped with Dry goods or feeders for safety reasons.  Also Live animals HAVE to be shipped the overnight shipping option. Live animals are shipped on mondays and wednesdays each week barring weather conditions. We cannot be responsible for the weather upon where the animal is arriving, we do our best to check every destination, but ultimately it's the customers responsibility to be aware of their weather when ordering. Temperature above 82 and below 40 will void live arrival 

What would void this guarantee?

  • Not Being present for delivery
  • Not showing picture proof of DOA within 4 hours of arrival
  • Improper husbandry causing the animal to fall ill or pass away

We reserve the right to have any package held at your local FedEx Hub if temperatures overnight at below 40 degrees or above 80.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.  If for some reason a inventory error occurs we will refund 100% for the item or animal which is not sent.

Please answer these short questions to us in email form to help us better trouble shoot if your having any issues with your animal and to abide by the health guarantee:

  • What species did you purchase?
  • What size tank?
  • What is the setup like..Substrate/plants/etc
  • temps and humidity, please included the method you obtained those readings
  • what food items have you tried to offer, and by what method
  • include a picture of your setup and the frog with your email please

Shipping charges include all heat or cold packs as well as insulted boxes for each shipment.  We do not charge for handling. Shipping is NON refundable once order is shipped

All cancellations to orders are subject to a 10% restocking/holding fee.

No Guarantee is given to feeders, microfauna, or plants if at minimum the 2 day shipping option was chosen. We can not guarantee they will arrive live via any other service


By purchasing from us you are agreeing to these terms